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    Rebrand Resumes

    Instantly and consistently
  • rebrand resumes

    Improve Client Handoff

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  • rebrand resumes

    Save Time

    Focus on driving revenue

Rebrand and share.

Rebrand resumes and then share all of your candidates easily with your client. They can even provide feedback on each resume directly with a link.

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Save time, increase revenue!
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How It Works


Upload resumes to the app.

PDF, Word, Open Office and many more formats.

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Pick a template.

You can even hand craft custom templates using Relabel’s template maker or ask a Relabel designer to build you a complete customer look.


Share rebranded resumes.

Congrats! You just saved yourself a ton of time and energy. Use it to do more recruiting!

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Save time, increase revenue!
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You could transform your recruiting workflow.

Place candidates faster and prevent delay caused by resume conversion.

Increase revenue and focus on recruiting, not resumes.

Prevent hours of frustration with resumes not formatted correctly.

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Save time, increase revenue!
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