Instantly remove candidate contact info.

Avoid candidates being reached out too directly. You can even anonymize the name on the resume.

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Consistent resume branding on each resume.

Standardize all resumes with an optimal look: focus on resume content, not finding if a candidate meets requirements or not.


Share resumes using projects.

All resumes that you share with a client in one place. You can easily review their feedback on a per-resume basis.

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Consolidate feedback.

Hiring managers and recruiters can easily share client feedback with a streamlined process. All comments on each candidate are placed in a single view.


Rebranded resumes in one place.

You'll never have to worry if the ATS has the most up-to-date resume. It's all rebranded in Relabel.

Image of a recruiter sharing the resume with a client
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You could transform your recruiting workflow.

Place candidates faster and prevent delay caused by resume conversion.

Increase revenue and focus on recruiting, not resumes.

Prevent hours of frustration with resumes not formatted correctly.

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